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Innovative nozzle is nozzle which ill be attached with existing tap, which will save water through ordinary tap by 90%.it convert a water flow into mist .

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The mission of Innovative nozzle is to save and utilize water in an effective and efficient way through the existing tap.

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We provide quality and reliable water-saving products through which you can save 90-95 % of the water through which you can also put your contribution in solving the national problem of Pakistan which is water scarcity

About us

The innovative nozzle is nozzle which will be attached with an existing tap, which will save water through an ordinary tap by 90%.it convert water flow into the mist . It is designed for everyday efficiency which means saving water without wasting time and losing functionality. It is an innovation to preserve 90% water which would be wasted under normal taps.

According to an IMF report, Pakistan is ranked third most water-stressed in the world and it is predicted that this will be deteriorated to its worst position by 2025. Hence, We come up with an idea that if we can atomize water molecules into smaller millions of droplets while they exit from an aperture of a nozzle, they form a mist due to this mist we can easily save 90-95% of the water through an existing tap. This is a small kind of nozzle which will be fitted with existing which ill convert water flow into a mist as the water exits from the aperture of a nozzle. tap. It is very simple and easy to install even in less than 60 sects. It is tamper-proof and has multiple adapters and can be fitted to any tap and available for all sizes of taps

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